The Bamangwato Tribe : Khama

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So peace loving was Khama, that on several occasions he surrendered control of his kingdom to his father, Sekhomi, who despised Khama? Conversion to Christianity. The Bamangwato tribe displayed strong affection and support for Khama, however. Once, when Khama departed for a self-imposed exile, most of the tribe gathered their belongings to follow.
Khama distinguished his reign with the desire and ability to extract technological innovations from Europeans while resisting their attempts to colonize his country.

Bechuanaland advancements under Khama included the building of schools, scientific cattle breeding, and the introduction of a mounted police corps which practically eliminated all forms of crime.

Respect for Khama was exemplified during a visit with Queen Victoria of England to protest English settlement in Bechuanaland in 1875. The English honored Khama and confirmed his appeal for continued freedom for Bechuanaland.



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